Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September LHE results

Well it was quite a month as the chart shows. The 1st 2500 hands was night #1, a $600+ tiltfest at 1/2 and then 2/4. That night inspired me to come up with a structured plan that included strict bankroll limits and keeping track of each session.

The way back has been good for the most part. I've won 9 of the 10 cash sessions I've played for $268 and played in 2 cash mtts for a net of $98.63 and 3 fpp/freerolls for a gain of $86 (shipped close to half to my brother). $452.78 gain after that first night. A good start. Hopefully I dodge the 160BB downswing session this month.

My goals for October are:

1) Play 20k hands. That's very doable at 9 1/2 hours a week 5 tabling .5/1.

2) It will be close but hopefully I'll be able to move up to 1/2 ($1200 BR).

3) Tilt is getting much better but I want to be able to practically eliminate it.

4) Make the goldstar level

Monday, September 29, 2008

I want my mommy

<---- Tonight's session. 6 max is so brutal. I felt like I handled tilt probably better than I ever have though. This was the perfect session to improve my 'tilt control'. There were tons and tons of God awful beats that came in waves. Towards the end of the session everything started holding somehow and I stormed back.
I guess I would rate my play at about a 7 on a scale of 1-10 and the tilt control around 7.5. I have certainly come a long way in handling a session like this. I was telling myself to look at the big picture and at times I was actually encouraged by the horrible beats. There is plenty of money to be made at this level - that's for sure.
BR is over $700 after cashing in the 5000 fpp and the Goldstar freeroll over the weekend. According to Pokerstars I should be able to get back to Goldstar in October by 5 tabling .5/1 for 9 hours a week. I earned 500 tonight but it was a 5 hour session and I am currently a Goldstar which means I earn them at a slightly higher rate. I will be Silverstar for most of October. If I'm close at the end of the month I'll move up to 1/2 to get the necessary fpps.
That $100,000 freeroll is pretty sweet - oh and the 5000 fpp turbo takedown is ridiculously juicy. I can see me getting a serious cash in that tourney someday.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Officially at .5/1 now

Mixed in 2 tables of .5/1 with my .25/.50 last night and now stand at $614 after making $40. I ran at 2.88/100 BB thru 13,914 hands at .25/.50 even while suffering through one downswing of 160 BBs in a night of variance enhanced by some good 'ole fashioned tilt.

It's funny how much bigger the bets look at .5/1 now. I think it helped me to play fairly tight and not do stupid stuff like constantly call down with AQ. Ha my very first hand at .5/1 I got beaten by a river gutshot in a $6 pot. Welcome to the next level! My goal is to run over 3/100 BB and move up to 1/2 with over $1200 in about 5 weeks.

Will probably play in the 5000 fpp turbo takedown Sunday. Last month I min-cashed for $90 and lost QQ < AK aipf in a pot that easily would've carried me to the next prize level ($150). I think there's a ton of value in that tournament. I'm sad that unless I satellite in I probably won't play in it again until December.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ho Hum another 6 max session

Sooooo ready to move up. I think AK was 3 for 12 at one point last night. My favorite part of the session was getting river gutshotted in big pots on two different tables at the same time. Here's my graph from last night's session. It's crazy that 90% of my profit was in the last 500 hands or so of 2000. I think I have improved my game a little although I still threw away a few bets last night. Every little bit helps.

That -$80 night really screwed up my plan to get to $600 and .5/1. Oh well I hope to run well in my 2nd session this week and double my bets next week. Running at 3.25/100 BB through 12,000 hands at .25/.50. I feel like I should be over 4 if I played well. The players really are that bad.
I think I may have to put in 500 or so hands at 1/2 next Monday to qualify for silver star. I went from getting 500 fpps a session at 1/2 to maybe 50 at .25/.50. I am like 140 away so I doubt a session at .25/.50 and one at .5/1 (assuming I get to $600) will do it. We'll see.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6 max sucks

OMG. What torture. Lost $80 last night (apparently $60 stop losses only work if you observe them) on ridiculous beat after beat and then becoming a tiltish calling station.

I made a conscious effort tonight to not call down and tighten up a little bit. I don't think I changed my playing style but look at my obnoxious graph from tonight's session. Thank God I'm observing conservative bankroll management or I might've had a stroke. Blah. Still trying to get better. BR back at $510 now after briefly flirting with $580 after cashing for $16 in Saturday's 100 fpp tourney. Won $15 tonight in a wonderful, incredibly uplifting session (actually my throat hurts from yelling a couple of times. I guess I'm not emotionally where I need to be yet huh?)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Another session in my quest to get back to 1/2

4 hours at 5 .25/.50 tables


I've put in 7 1/2 hours and right now I'm making over $20 an hour. Crazy. The beats are horrendous and steady but the players are worse. I need to get the latest poker tracker (if this computer will run it) just to see the pretty graph. :) I think 4 hours 5 tabling that mess is the definition of grinding.

Bankroll back to $413.90 after dipping well below $270.

I need to get to $600 asap so that I can move up to .5/1 and start getting some fpps. I think I've made like 40 fpps at the .25/.50 tables. At 1/2 I was making 500 in a 4 hour session 4 tabling. There is a very outside chance I can save my goldstar level this month but I doubt it. I would have to get to $600 in my next two sessions at .25/.50 and then run just as well at .5/1 next week.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The past 2 months

Have been good for the most part. I won another $2 180 man turbo and then went deep in my 8th $3 rebuy ever finishing in 14th for $140. I was 3/14 and then it went to crap in my one big bluff of the tourney. K9 ran into A9dd on a 1010x 2 diamond flop. The 9 on the turn sealed my fate. I don't think I've gotten over it yet.

I now have a 19th and a 14th in 8 $3 rebuys. I need to play those more.

I switched away from 1/2 horse to 1/2 limit 6 max. I pumped my account up from $500 to $900 mostly through those tables. I would 4 and 5 table to clear my fpps and collect enough to buy in for the $1M guarantee at the end of the month. This is supposed to cost 5k fpps but through my faulty satellite schemes I ended up paying 9k for the August 30th running. I cashed in the first level of prizes (around 2900th out of 11,500) for $90. QQ < AK aipf took me out.

Last week I hit a horrible 2 hour stretch at 1/2 getting badbeat repeatedly and being down between $60 and $150. $900 is nowhere near the roll you need to survive going on tilt from such an episode and moving up to 2/4.

6 hour session = - $620. Ouch. So horrible. I haven't lost that much in a night since 2005 I think. It feels really, really bad to slowly work a bankroll up over 5 or 6 months and lose most of it in one night of stupidity. So dumb. I didn't have a stop loss in place and broke the rules by moving up to chase my losses. 2/4 plays like another game compared to 1/2. Big difference as far as aggression.

My new plan is to drop down to .25/.50 6 max limit and grind up to $600 and from then move up to .5/1. I'll move back to 1/2 6 max if/when I have $1200 in my account. I've put in 2 sessions so far totalling 3 1/2 hours and am up $60 or so. The players are horrible. The beats are horrible but playing within my bankroll gives me every opportunity to get better as I put a little bit of money back in my account.

I'll take it. It feels like rehabilitation.

I have over 7k in fpps so I'll have another shot at the 1M turbo tourney this month. I'm sure I won't grind anything near the points I'll need to retain my goldstar status. Sucks but I need to learn to stay within my 600 BB rule.