Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wow my biggest MTT cash

I think.

$384 for 4th in the $5.50 NL tourney this morning. 1291 runners. Way shortstacked until midway through the 2nd hour when I finally got some traction. From then it was just building my chips with steals and reraises. The players are so horrible in these.

Huge hand was when there was about 60 left and I am one of two big stacks at table that's in top 6 in chips. He raises utg to 4800 (3x blind) and I push 62k with KK. He almost instacalls and I assume he has aces. AKsoooooted. Wow. Somehow he missed and I rake in a 124k pot when the average is 28k. Amazing. From there I shot up until with 44 left i have about 160k and the chipleader has 170k and 3rd had less than 100k when pokerstars places the chipleader to my IMMEDIATE left. Oh well.

Treaded water until getting moved again with 20 something left and then built it up to over 200k - always in the top 3. Then I get moved with 18 left and guess who is to my immediate left again. It stayed that way until I busted to him with AJ after he had raised to 60k and I pushed 200k in. He had been extremely aggressive and I was more than shocked when he turned over AK. I probably could've gotten 2nd if I had not made that move but I have no complaints.

I played great and got good cards that usually held when they were favorites. Once I got chips I just rolled and people were more than willing to give me their chips with few outs. That's what sucky players do.

Tournies like that are so much fun.

Ah, so I decided to 4 table $25 PLO tonight (the highest I had been playing was $10) and made around $85 in an hour. Wow, bad players there too. My favorite hand was top set with a flush draw against TWO pair all in on the flop. When the flush hit the turn i figured i was beat. Nope. He had zero redraws. Wow.

Playing in the weekly NL tourney now. Quads got me to 2nd in chips with 11 left (18 started). We'll see.

oh yea - i played in a 6 person $6.50 sng to warm up and got KK first hand. Over-raised to 240 since there were 4 limpers and I assumed someone might push and sure enough but 1010 hit runner runner flush. Oh well. :)

BR $768

Monday, January 14, 2008

Wow - something I forgot

I just now looked back at previous posts and I was shocked that I had over $1,000 in my account in May. I then saw that I had deposited $600 to take advantage of a bonus offer. I remember now that I withdrew that money after clearing the bonus in June. Wow - for a few minutes I thought I had blown through $700 since then.

What I've been doing the past 7 months

Hmmm. Well my online account has been hovering between $100 and $500 as I have played mostly 6 man sngs, while leaking away money at NL cash (except heads up) and playing heads up sngs some.

I won a 492 person omaha $1.10 MTT a few weeks ago lol. That was a blast. I think it paid like $90. It was my first omaha MTT in at least a year or two I think.

That tourney (and the fact that I stupidly stack off at NL cash with moronic hands) got me to playing omaha cash games and after 3 or 4 sessions of getting my butt kicked at the $5 and $10 tables I have had continuous winning sessions when 4 tabling. The play is incredibly horrible at the $10 tables. I plan to hang out there for a long time while (hopefully) improving my play.

I have been playing a weekly private $11 tournament online for a couple of years now and that is a nice pad to the BR. We play in 6 month seasons and I won the most recent one that ended last month. We are getting 20 players a week now to start the new year so it should be another fun challenge.

My goal this year is to get to $1,000 and finally cash out $500. I didn't really have any goals last year and I didn't cash out one time which I think is a first. Of course I only deposited $50 in January and played on that all year but it's disappointing to not bring any money home.

Looking back on '07 my highlights were going deep in the $22 deepstacks a couple of times finishing in the 14th to 18th spots and going very deep in the $3r (only played it twice I think) and going out in 19th when I had a top 6 stack with AK on the button to the SB's QQ. Blah. That still hurts as 1st paid like $6k.

BR is $327.09