Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ho Hum another 6 max session

Sooooo ready to move up. I think AK was 3 for 12 at one point last night. My favorite part of the session was getting river gutshotted in big pots on two different tables at the same time. Here's my graph from last night's session. It's crazy that 90% of my profit was in the last 500 hands or so of 2000. I think I have improved my game a little although I still threw away a few bets last night. Every little bit helps.

That -$80 night really screwed up my plan to get to $600 and .5/1. Oh well I hope to run well in my 2nd session this week and double my bets next week. Running at 3.25/100 BB through 12,000 hands at .25/.50. I feel like I should be over 4 if I played well. The players really are that bad.
I think I may have to put in 500 or so hands at 1/2 next Monday to qualify for silver star. I went from getting 500 fpps a session at 1/2 to maybe 50 at .25/.50. I am like 140 away so I doubt a session at .25/.50 and one at .5/1 (assuming I get to $600) will do it. We'll see.


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