Monday, April 29, 2013

Back playing some low stakes

Well as we all know the Feds cracked down on PokerStars on April 16, 2011. As luck would have it, I was at my low point in funds on there. I think I cashed out just over $500. I ended up down $70 in February and $209 in March and I was down $166 for April when things ended on 'Black Friday'. So I had gone from a winning player from 2008-2009 to a break even player in 2010 to a losing player in 2011. The crackdown happened just in time for me I guess. I did this update because I loaded $100 onto Bovada Poker last week. I jumped right into the $25 NL cash games and got my butt kicked because I suck at NL cash. Some things don't change. I deposited another $65 to give it a second try and was quickly down to my last $40 on a 2/4 limit table all in on the turn needing a spade or 3 to stay alive. I got the 3 and then moved down to .25/.50 limit 6 max where I've had some success in two sessions to get my account back up to $110. I will be playing .25/.50 limit, no more than 3 tables at a time, for the forseeable future. The players do not seem to be too skilled and there is no incentive (or large enough player base for that matter) to play more than 3 tables at a time so I have hope. I'll stick to this level until I go broke or hit $500.


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