Monday, March 03, 2014

February 2014

I played 2300 hands of 1/2 and around 500 hands of 2/4 and I ended up making $475 for the month. For the year I am running over 8 BB/100 at 1/2 and 7.8 BB/100 at 2/4 and obviously am really enjoying winning again. I am going to stick to mostly 1/2 for March and hopefully have a bankroll that will support 2/4 come the end of the month. 2/4 seems to run more than 1/2 on this site and there have been times when I 3 table 2/4 exclusively because of that but I know that's courting trouble. Yesterday I got in a 650 hand session exclusively at 1/2 so hopefully there's a lot of that happening in the next few weeks. The bankroll is now just shy of $1,100.


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