Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The experiment continues

I actually added a table tonight to make it 8 way action. I only timed out one time on a table as I was involved in a couple or three big hands at once. My goal was to get in 10 hours this week. It looks like I'm on my way as I stand at 7:15 right now. I'm still excited to play although the cards have been spitting in my face a little more lately. I'm at 3.56 BB/100 thru 7k hands. I think I can do better but we'll see. It was interesting watching the tables loosen up. That's the loosest I've seen them in the past couple of weeks. Not close to 2003 loose lol but certainly juicy enough.

3/27/2006 ($34.76) 3.5 hours - 7 tabling .5/1 worst run of cards ever. I'm amazed I only lost 34BBs. I felt like I was down 150.

03/28/2006 $18.66 30 minutes 7 tabling .5/1

3/28/2006 $39.26 2 hour 8 (yes EIGHT) tabling session .5/1.

Wow, got down $60 1 hour in. Crazy bad luck just like last night and then I came storming back as my hands held up and the tables loosened up some. Won the biggest pot I've ever seen at .5/1 - $33.50 lol. AA filled up on the river versus 2 turned straights. Ah poker. Gotta love the resuckouts.

I just counted up 1115 hands in my 2 hour 10 minute session. That's pretty stout for me. I almost cant' help but improve as I see more hands. I'm still excited about where this experiment is headed. Right now if all goes well I'm gonna take my show to the 2/4 tables around 4/11/06. That will mark one year since my $500 deposit and getting a little more serious about poker. I'm at around $890 on PP right now. I would like to get it up over $1200 before playing 6 or 7 tables of 2/4 at once.

I would love to be at 5/10 in the fall if all goes well but we'll see. According to PokerTracker those boys owe me $382 from my failed 'shot' in January - lol. I'll need to log a serious amount of hands for that dream to become a reality and I really only have about 12 hours max a week to devote to playing. Getting in 8 tables will certainly help. I guess that would be around 7 thousand hands a week which is by far the most I've ever played. I'm hoping the grinding will make me immune to the horrible suckouts that sometimes come in bunches.

Theoretical Bankroll is $4482.07. $1000.37 is online and $2568.77 in the bank. I guess the other $912.93 went to pay for our vacation last summer or something. Oh well.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Finally cashed out on PokerStars

Got over $1,000 and cashed out via FedEx. Back to the 7 tabling experiment on Party Poker.

Should take me a session to get used to fullring again and then I plan to move up in limits - like maybe to 1/2 lol.

2 hours .5/1 6 max
1.5 hours .5/1 6 max

1 hour 15 minutes 7 tabling .5/1 fullring on PP.

Friday, March 24, 2006

a little more 6 max

but this time .5/1 as I near my goal.

1.25 hours 4 tables .5/1 6 max to get my account over $1000 and cashout from Stars. (they fedex you a check at no charge if you cash out over $1,000) Almost there 987.99.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

6 max can kiss my butt

It's so frustrating. Got down $100+ in the 1st 45 minutes of a 2.5 hour session tonight getting badbeat into the ground. The deck finally came around and I battled back up 70 for about 45 minutes or so. Closed out my bonus up only 30 though and then as I played the last round I got 2 outered 4 times on the river lol. Twice on back to back hands by the same guy. Oh well. Better than a losing session and the bonus is done. Give me 7 tabling fullring any day over the swingy bad beats of 6 max - although once I get my bankroll back to it's true 4k I wouldn't mind playing it more. There's a lot of money to be made off of a lot of bad players - so says my bad beat tally this week lol.

I ordered Matt Maroon's book so maybe he'll give me the insights I need to tackle it again soon.

lol $2.50 on the session plus the $120 bonus. Up to $4,336.35.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

4 hours 1/2 6 max

on Stars to clear bonus. I haven't played 1/2 6 max on Stars in a good 3 months or so and got hit with the deck in the 1st hour. Was up 50-70 4 tabling and then the downswing happened. The hand of the next 2 hours was 2 pair versus a set. Again and again. Then I called down several times when I was obviously beaten. Went on a little tilt - played badly yadda yadda. Was down 130 and then battled back the last hour to quit only down $20.25. Cleared 377 of the required 600 bonus points. Thank God for bonuses for us sucky players lol.

If I have time I'll try and finish it off tonight.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Good Start to the week grinding .5/1

1.5 hour session 7 tabling
1.75 hour session 7 tabling. I was up $90 in the 1st 30 minutes lol. That's hard to do on .5/1 fullring. I have no idea if I played the 1500 ranked hands or not. Stupid PP doesn't show your number of hands now (at least on the 2nd and 3rd bonuses - it did on the 1st). Getting used to full ring again and I've played a ton of hands in the last week. That can only help. My bankroll is back up

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Results for the last 2 weeks

ugh. Went on a little tilt 5 $13 sngs and 1 $38 sng. Baaaaaaaad luck
5 tables of .5/1 6 max on PP. I suck. This includes $75 bonus cleared in 4 hour session. I guess I've forgotten how to play poker but the 6 max tables have never really fit my style at PP. I'm too aggressie. Suckouts are numerous and funny always. I don't know if I'm up for clearing another $75. I guess I might try Monday night I dunno. I might just 8 table fullring or something.
1.5 hours 6 max .25/.50 NL bad beats suckouts and bad play. I suck at NL cash games. Always have.

Down $123.07 on the week.

7 tabling PP fullring .5/1 limit to clear bonus
7 tabling PP fullring .5/1 limit to clear bonus
another hour session or so fullring to clear .5/1 bonus
bonus on PP
hour session 7 tabling .5/1 again to clear my last bonus. Need it done by Monday to qualify. I'll try and knock it out Sunday afternoon.

Up $117.45 this week. Finally getting back in the groove of full ring limit. It's always been my bread and butter as I have slowly built my bankroll since last April. I'll hit the Stars bonus after I clear PP tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bonus bonus

Party and PokerStars ran their reload bonuses at the same time. Lovely lol. I cleared the PP bonus in about 3 hours of 4 tabling 6 max .5/1 but lost $30 so only cleared $45 after the bonus. I then 6 tabled .5/1 full ring Sunday and lost another $40 in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I suck right now. I lost with set over set 3 times in that session. Wow! They have a weird 3 step process for this bonus where you have 3 days to clear the raked hands for 15% then get another 15% if you can clear more raked hands in the 3 days after that then get yet ANOTHER 15% if you can clear even more raked hands in the day 7-9 window.

I deposited $500 on PP and $600 on starts (20% there with no time restriction) and plan on playing 1/2 6 max on Stars. I've always done very well at that level on Stars for some reason.

I'll update last week with exact numbers later but it wasn't good. I lost $100 on BoDog sngs and then lost another $100 in a NL cash game. I suck very much at NL cash games but played well in that particular session only to get sucked out on a few times. I did make a couple of poor calls that didn't help lol.

Anyway, it'll be interesting grinding these bonuses out. It's been awhile since I tried to clear any bonuses.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

prtypsux is having a great week!

Wow. 1st he won a rebuy event Sunday night then last night he chopped while heads up in a $150 buy-in event.

Whoa. $35k+ in 4 days - not bad lol!

Way to go JC!


Also - if you want to open up an account on Bodog let me know and I'll send you an email invite. That will give me 40% on whatever you deposit and I'll be glad to split that with you 50/50 if you choose.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Congrats to prtypsux!

He cashed 18k yesterday in a rebuy tourney on Stars. Anybody know of a juicy cash game in the valley this week? He's up for it lol.



Sunday, March 05, 2006

The week ending 3/4/06 and valley club poker update

+ $114.36 on the week playing sngs and that $3 rebuy. No cash games. I think I'll stick to mostly BoDog for March and see how it goes. I'm having a good time. Transferred $2000 back into savings so that plus the $600 I have online is my working bankroll. The other $1400 has seeped into real life expenses I guess.

The valley club poker 2 week break is over. They have a new website that WAS up at www.thevalleypokertour.com. They start play again Thursday night at Grahams.

www.valleyclubpoker.com is down as I guess the webmaster didn't want to give them any free pub lol. Whatever.

McAllen Schedule – Beginning Thurs. March 9, atGrahams 7 & 10 pm, Signup at 6:00pm double the points!
TUESDAYS - HOTTIES (between Shary & Glascock on Pecan)
SATURDAYS – J.C.’s Bar & Grill (Raul Longoria)