Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 6 weeks in

It's been an interesting 2010 so far.

I haven't played any form of cash poker besides LHE 6 max and I think that's helped my game a little bit. I've also played shorter sessions than I did at 1/2 last year. I'm certain that's helped my focus and tilt control.

I've only played 500 hands of 3/6 but I hit a couple of big pots and I'm up around $400 at that level for a whopping 14 BB/100. :)

I have been able to stick at 2/4 but I'm booking the tiniest of winrates so far at .27 BB/100 thru 29,000 hands. I am not complaining as I feel like the longer I'm able to stick the better chance I will have to feel comfortable and improve my play. The vpps have been nice at 2/4 - around .52 per hand or so. That has allowed me to book over 16k vpps and it has me feeling pretty good about retaining Supernova this year.

The swings have been interesting and I'm really working on trying to accept them as they come. I have booked losing days of $550 and $410 so far.

I was up over $1,000 the first two weeks of January and then hit a sweet $900 downswing in the final two weeks. February started off hot as well as I was up $1500 thru 12 days and then lost $400 on Friday of last week. I happened to clear the $650 bonus that day though so I still booked a solid week.

PokerStars held their first 1 Million Dollar freeroll for Supernovas and Supernova Elites a couple of weeks ago. It drew over 4,800 entrants and I was lucky enough to finish in the top 700 for $300 although in my final hand my KK did lose to J10 aipf. Yay me. I believe first place paid around $150,000.

PokerStars is holding another special NL tournament this Sunday that will guarantee a 4 million dollar prize pool. The buy-in is $215 but I think I'll just use 13,500 fpps and buy my way in if it looks like I'll have time to play it.

I'll probably stick at 2/4 in March and hopefully move up to 3/6 full-time in April.

2010 so far:

BR: $5,845