Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello old friend

I went back down to 1/2 the first week of April. :(

2/4 was driving me crazy. I've posted a small loss at that level in 2010 but I booked an $800 loss in one session in March that got me thinking that a lower level of stress would be nice.

I am at -.30BB/100 thru 51k hands of 2/4 in 2010 for a loss of $660 or 165 BBs.

I think I'm going to cashout a good amount and rebuild at 1/2 for a couple of months and then try 2/4 again this summer when (hopefully) it's a little softer.

Down $300 so far in April but I'm playing the Turbo Takedown Sunday and if I cash in that I'll get a $200 bonus for cashing in 3 consecutive. I am going to try to put in between 8k and 9k hands at 1/2 before the end of the month. It's taken a bit of adjusting to remember how much more passive the play is but it's been a nice change for the most part.

Ah, I wanted to post my fpp schedule for later reference:

4/30/10 75k fpp 37vpp
5/31/10 100k fpp 45vpp
6/30/10 25k fpp 53vpp $1500 bonus
7/31/10 50k fpp 61
8/30/10 75k fpp 69
9/31/10 100k fpp 77
10/31/10 118k fpp 85
11/30/10 36k 93 $1500 bonus
12/31/10 4k 100 $1000 bonus

This assumes that I won't try 2/4 at some point.

I would love to be able to retain Supernova on October and get those extra 30k fpps but I don't see that happening right now.