Tuesday, January 05, 2010

December is in the books

Another breakeven rakeback month. 22k hands played for -$81.

The $800 bonus allowed me to book a $708 winner though and I have officially moved up to 2/4 & 3/6 with my $3,800 bankroll. I have decreased my tables from 7&8 to 3&4which I'm hoping allows me to get in 3,500 hands a week or so while increasing my winrate even though I'm moving up a level+.

I have beaten 1/2 for about .90 BB/100 while mostly 6 & 7 tabling with some 8 & 9 tabling thrown in.

I have gotten my butt kicked in my first two attempts at 2/4 so hopefully the third time is the charm.

2008 $2,056.61 96k hands
2009 $6,211.14 251k hands

I'm hoping to at least double my winnings in 2010 while getting in around 180k hands of mostly 2/4 & 3/6 with some 5/10 thrown in as my bankroll grows. It's gonna be tough to retain Supernova with 100k vpps by October 1st but I'll certainly give it a shot if I'm a winner at 2/4+.