Friday, November 06, 2009

Fall update

Played 2/4 again and lost again so I've decided to stick to 1/2 and go for Supernova in November and December. I made over $2k in September in 33k hands and then $38 last month in 17k hands.

I'm gonna play 25k hands this month and next and then see how Stars' changes to 1/2 6 max vpp points affect me. My goal is to move up to 2/4 after making Supernova.

My current online BR is just over $3k. I've cashed out over 4k this year. Unless I hit a big mtt score (I guess I need to play in one before I can cash big...) I'll probably end up making between 6 and 7k in 2009 from online poker.

I'll certainly take it but I hope there are bigger things in my future. My goal coming into 2009 was $1,000 a month. I've learned a lot but I know I have a long ways to go to get there since I'm pretty much maxing out my volume at the moment.