Thursday, September 25, 2008

Officially at .5/1 now

Mixed in 2 tables of .5/1 with my .25/.50 last night and now stand at $614 after making $40. I ran at 2.88/100 BB thru 13,914 hands at .25/.50 even while suffering through one downswing of 160 BBs in a night of variance enhanced by some good 'ole fashioned tilt.

It's funny how much bigger the bets look at .5/1 now. I think it helped me to play fairly tight and not do stupid stuff like constantly call down with AQ. Ha my very first hand at .5/1 I got beaten by a river gutshot in a $6 pot. Welcome to the next level! My goal is to run over 3/100 BB and move up to 1/2 with over $1200 in about 5 weeks.

Will probably play in the 5000 fpp turbo takedown Sunday. Last month I min-cashed for $90 and lost QQ < AK aipf in a pot that easily would've carried me to the next prize level ($150). I think there's a ton of value in that tournament. I'm sad that unless I satellite in I probably won't play in it again until December.


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