Monday, September 08, 2008

Another session in my quest to get back to 1/2

4 hours at 5 .25/.50 tables


I've put in 7 1/2 hours and right now I'm making over $20 an hour. Crazy. The beats are horrendous and steady but the players are worse. I need to get the latest poker tracker (if this computer will run it) just to see the pretty graph. :) I think 4 hours 5 tabling that mess is the definition of grinding.

Bankroll back to $413.90 after dipping well below $270.

I need to get to $600 asap so that I can move up to .5/1 and start getting some fpps. I think I've made like 40 fpps at the .25/.50 tables. At 1/2 I was making 500 in a 4 hour session 4 tabling. There is a very outside chance I can save my goldstar level this month but I doubt it. I would have to get to $600 in my next two sessions at .25/.50 and then run just as well at .5/1 next week.


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