Sunday, September 07, 2008

The past 2 months

Have been good for the most part. I won another $2 180 man turbo and then went deep in my 8th $3 rebuy ever finishing in 14th for $140. I was 3/14 and then it went to crap in my one big bluff of the tourney. K9 ran into A9dd on a 1010x 2 diamond flop. The 9 on the turn sealed my fate. I don't think I've gotten over it yet.

I now have a 19th and a 14th in 8 $3 rebuys. I need to play those more.

I switched away from 1/2 horse to 1/2 limit 6 max. I pumped my account up from $500 to $900 mostly through those tables. I would 4 and 5 table to clear my fpps and collect enough to buy in for the $1M guarantee at the end of the month. This is supposed to cost 5k fpps but through my faulty satellite schemes I ended up paying 9k for the August 30th running. I cashed in the first level of prizes (around 2900th out of 11,500) for $90. QQ < AK aipf took me out.

Last week I hit a horrible 2 hour stretch at 1/2 getting badbeat repeatedly and being down between $60 and $150. $900 is nowhere near the roll you need to survive going on tilt from such an episode and moving up to 2/4.

6 hour session = - $620. Ouch. So horrible. I haven't lost that much in a night since 2005 I think. It feels really, really bad to slowly work a bankroll up over 5 or 6 months and lose most of it in one night of stupidity. So dumb. I didn't have a stop loss in place and broke the rules by moving up to chase my losses. 2/4 plays like another game compared to 1/2. Big difference as far as aggression.

My new plan is to drop down to .25/.50 6 max limit and grind up to $600 and from then move up to .5/1. I'll move back to 1/2 6 max if/when I have $1200 in my account. I've put in 2 sessions so far totalling 3 1/2 hours and am up $60 or so. The players are horrible. The beats are horrible but playing within my bankroll gives me every opportunity to get better as I put a little bit of money back in my account.

I'll take it. It feels like rehabilitation.

I have over 7k in fpps so I'll have another shot at the 1M turbo tourney this month. I'm sure I won't grind anything near the points I'll need to retain my goldstar status. Sucks but I need to learn to stay within my 600 BB rule.


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