Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bonus bonus

Party and PokerStars ran their reload bonuses at the same time. Lovely lol. I cleared the PP bonus in about 3 hours of 4 tabling 6 max .5/1 but lost $30 so only cleared $45 after the bonus. I then 6 tabled .5/1 full ring Sunday and lost another $40 in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I suck right now. I lost with set over set 3 times in that session. Wow! They have a weird 3 step process for this bonus where you have 3 days to clear the raked hands for 15% then get another 15% if you can clear more raked hands in the 3 days after that then get yet ANOTHER 15% if you can clear even more raked hands in the day 7-9 window.

I deposited $500 on PP and $600 on starts (20% there with no time restriction) and plan on playing 1/2 6 max on Stars. I've always done very well at that level on Stars for some reason.

I'll update last week with exact numbers later but it wasn't good. I lost $100 on BoDog sngs and then lost another $100 in a NL cash game. I suck very much at NL cash games but played well in that particular session only to get sucked out on a few times. I did make a couple of poor calls that didn't help lol.

Anyway, it'll be interesting grinding these bonuses out. It's been awhile since I tried to clear any bonuses.


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