Monday, January 14, 2008

What I've been doing the past 7 months

Hmmm. Well my online account has been hovering between $100 and $500 as I have played mostly 6 man sngs, while leaking away money at NL cash (except heads up) and playing heads up sngs some.

I won a 492 person omaha $1.10 MTT a few weeks ago lol. That was a blast. I think it paid like $90. It was my first omaha MTT in at least a year or two I think.

That tourney (and the fact that I stupidly stack off at NL cash with moronic hands) got me to playing omaha cash games and after 3 or 4 sessions of getting my butt kicked at the $5 and $10 tables I have had continuous winning sessions when 4 tabling. The play is incredibly horrible at the $10 tables. I plan to hang out there for a long time while (hopefully) improving my play.

I have been playing a weekly private $11 tournament online for a couple of years now and that is a nice pad to the BR. We play in 6 month seasons and I won the most recent one that ended last month. We are getting 20 players a week now to start the new year so it should be another fun challenge.

My goal this year is to get to $1,000 and finally cash out $500. I didn't really have any goals last year and I didn't cash out one time which I think is a first. Of course I only deposited $50 in January and played on that all year but it's disappointing to not bring any money home.

Looking back on '07 my highlights were going deep in the $22 deepstacks a couple of times finishing in the 14th to 18th spots and going very deep in the $3r (only played it twice I think) and going out in 19th when I had a top 6 stack with AK on the button to the SB's QQ. Blah. That still hurts as 1st paid like $6k.

BR is $327.09


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