Friday, August 25, 2006

No Poker last night

But I finally feel better. I've been down with a nasty virus this week. The beginning of school usually means I get whatever my kids bring home. Last year it was a cough that stayed with me for 3 months. That sucked. A lot.

Monday I failed to mention that I broke my low score on the Par 3 course last Sunday. As you can see it came out of nowhere. I had been playing like crap since taking a 12 day break. Golf is weird.

07/30/06 Even
Vacation break
08/11/06 +6
08/13/06 +7
08/13/06 +7
08/17/06 +9
08/18/06 +5
08/19/06 +7
08/20/06 +6
08/20/06 -2

I've had a crazy week and haven't been able to get back out there since. Quite a change from the 7 rounds a week I had been playing before my vacation. I'm interested to see how I do once the big boy course opens back up in October. All this work on my short game should shave a few strokes off my sucky game. I just wonder how many.

In a week I'll be making the 400 mile trek to watch my Aggies play football. I can't wait. Maybe they'll actually be decent this season.


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