Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vacation Over

And what a lovely time we had. 8 days at the beach is nice. And now football season is only 3 weeks away. I can almost smell the tailgating.

What a great time of year!

Played a couple of sessions of .05/.10 NL at Stars before leaving and got my account up to $185. Weekend players are sooo much worse it's hard to describe. They make some truly amazing plays.

Right before I left I cleared a $50 bonus on that Party Poker sent to me to try out their casino. I played blackjack for 15 minutes and finished up $10 so I had $60 waiting for me there when I got back. Worked that up to $83 playing .10/.25 NL and then the next day lost a bunch down to $18. I'm horrible and was taking some truly amazing beats besides. Ah, that's the way it goes when you're trying to build up on $25 tables with limited NL skills. You have to have some luck or your bankroll is gonna drown in variance at the start.

Got smart and played in a couple of sngs. Won a 6 person $6 and came in 3rd in a 20 person and was back in business. Oh yea, also won a 10 person Omaha H/L $6 sng. I guess my month long $300 lesson in the hi version of that game wasn't all in vain. I got $19 back from it anyway.

Sat back down at the cash tables with $55 and immediately hit this hand. 4th hand after sitting down....

cmalgee posts small blind [$0.10].
Whatever posts big blind [$0.25].

** Dealing down cards **Dealt to Whatever [ Qc Ac ]
2 folds
pecann2 calls [$0.25].
1 more fold
cmalgee calls [$0.15].
Whatever raises [$0.50].
pecann2 calls [$0.50].
cmalgee calls [$0.50].
** Dealing Flop ** [ Ad, 5c, 2c ]
cmalgee bets [$1].
Whatever calls [$1]. <----- I figured I'd slowplay my monster.....Slowplaying is so stupid, I don't care how many times Phil Laak gets away with it on GSN Hi Stakes Poker.
pecann2 raises [$2].
cmalgee calls [$1].
Whatever calls [$1].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 9d ]
cmalgee checks.
Whatever checks.
pecann2 bets [$2].
cmalgee calls [$2].
Whatever calls [$2].
** Dealing River ** [ 2d ]
cmalgee checks.
Whatever checks.
pecann2 bets [$5].
cmalgee raises [$15].
Whatever folds. <--- I really didn't even have to think about it since I had absolutely zero read.
pecann2 calls [$10].
cmalgee shows [ 3c, 5h ] two pairs, fives and twos.
pecann2 shows [ 3h, As ] two pairs, aces and twos.
pecann2 wins $42.05 from the main pot with two pairs, aces and twos.

**vomit** Could've doubled my meager PP bankroll right there. Oh well. No guts no glory.

Next hand hit trip 8's with 86 only to lose to 87. Then hit 886 flop with my 99 and lost to A8. Got some back on tilt with AK calling down a KQ bluff on a ragged board. That snapped me out of it and I ended the session up $15. I basically doubled up from my low point of the session. Whew. I'll try again next session.

Because of the PP bonus I'll probably move up to the .10/.25 game on Stars. I certainly have the skill to kill that game. Not sure about the discipline. If I get below $75 I'll just drop back down to .05/.10.

So. $185 in PS and $70 in PP is where I stand right now. I'm gonna try and work that PP cash up and play in a $4.40 on PS the next chance I get.


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