Friday, August 11, 2006


I went back to the spreadsheet and checked my yearly stats. I really thought I had it down to only a 350 loss on the year. More like down $495. After making $4000 last year I really thought I'd make at least 10 in 2006. But then I hit a downswing and cashed out almost everything and decided to build a house. Here's the monthly blow by blow net amounts.

January -$697.48
Feb $234.20
March $370.46
April -$521.58
May -$113.78
June $106.91
July $62.38
August $64.40

I'm in a pretty precarious spot right now trying to grind up on PP with $124 on $25 tables. With a little luck and patience it can happen but I'm certainly not in control of the luck part. I'm gonna try and play some sngs to lower the variance a little.

Hehe, what a difference a year makes. I made my $500 deposit in April '05 and started tracking my bankroll playing mostly 2/4 limit. Wow, so consistent month over month with the profits. Those were the days. No negative months. Nice.

April $650.04
May $711.58
June $459.81
July $233.10
August $624.85


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