Thursday, August 17, 2006


I haven't played there in months.


Logged on a couple of days ago thanks to a reminder email from them and found $12 there. I forgot I had it. The last entry on my spreadsheet said $30.92. I guess I leaked away $18.92 somewhere. Anyway worked it down to $5 playing on one $25 NL table and bad beat Kings with my A2 and was off and running. Finished the session at $22.

Sat down at lunch with $20 and worked it up to $52 without breaking a sweat. These guys are really, really bad and I hit some flops. They love to bet .25 into a $4 pot. Min-raising is all the rage. Stuff like that. I turned the nut straight with a flush draw with 67 of spades and only bet $2 into a $7 pot with 2 other guys in the hand. I guess I thought I was bulletproof. Have I mentioned that slowplaying sucks? $13 pot on the river now and the only hand that has me beat is 79. No idea why someone would stay with that but he did. So I bet out $4 with a caller and mr. 79o nuts raises $6 more and I call thinking we're gonna split. The other dude calls off the last of his $5 and wow, there went a $38 pot to a gutshot on the river. Oh well. My mistake on the turn.

The table broke and I got heads up with a dude that had $12 left. 1st hand he raises it up to .70 and I fold. Next hand he does the same thing and I have A8 so I push him all-in. He thinks about it and calls with 67sooooted. 234 on the flop and I'm nervous. He turns the flush draw and now I'm dodging like 16 outs on the river. But I do and I'm back up above $52 again. Did I mention the players there are bad?

I guess the next time I play there I'll sit on one $25 table and not do things like push with A8 heads up. The Bodog account is real again. It's aliiiive.

So all of that to say I'm back up to $196.17 on PS, $203.96 on PP and $54.44 on Bodog for a lovely $454 total. Tiny bankroll but not bad after being below $50 in May.


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