Thursday, August 24, 2006

A little Horse and a .10 MTT

45 minutes of 2 HORSE tables (1/2). I LOVE razz. For now.

won a $1.75 2 table horse tourney. Lost a couple of $3.40 razz sngs on BULLCRAP. Wow, it really is a sick game. On both I lost because my opponent hit perfectly on the last 2 streets (after I was all-in) and I caught bad cards at the same time. The last guy called me with paired aces then caught a 2 and a 4 while I caught a queen and 10. Very nice.

Played in a $1.10 and .10 MTT for fun and cashed in the 10 center. More than doubled my buy-in! Blinds went up every 5 minutes so I finished in 281st out of 2700 in 55 minutes. Funny. I almost had a monster chipstack but couldn't pull the trigger with 3 6 hearts. It was a close decision and I would've ended up with 30k in chips near the end. Oh well. It was fun to push with crap and catch. I'm afraid I used up some luck though. Maybe.


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