Friday, July 28, 2006


Played in 2 12 person $13 sngs and lost both on horrible sucktastic beats with 5 players left.

Played 3 sessions of .05/.10 NL and tilted off $50ish. Pretty amazing one can play that bad at those limits really.

Won $20 in heads up sngs. One 4 person and one 2 person.

Played in the live tourney last night and lasted 4 hands. Raised to 70 with KQo with 4 callers. Q 7 2 flop check, check, donkey bets 200 so I reraise all-in. He thinks for 2 seconds and calls.... with Q4o. LOL nice. I knew the turn before it hit with the way things have been going. 4. GG me.

$153ish. Vacation starts Sunday and I'm looking forward to some fun in the sun. Hopefully I can come back and stop playing like a smuck.


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