Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The last couple of days

Wow, a really big missed opportunity for my little bankroll Monday night. I played 4 hours of 3 $25 NL tables on PP and got up to $101 on one table, $90 on another and ended up only $10 on the night. I had to reload 4 times on my 3rd table and lost a bit on the other 2 to finish off the night. I should've closed down that 3rd table after the 2nd reload. Sometimes the mojo just isn't with you.

I lost $20 to a maniac that played for about 15 minutes. I was so glad to see him go. He basically alternated having the nuts to making huge bluffs every other hand. I, of course, get caught with jacks versus his A4 on a xAAAx board. Fun times. I think he was a good player but it's hard to tell when the deck hits him in the face and he's throwing money around. I prefer my players weak-tight thank you very much.

I had some monster hands included a set of kings vs aces that I wish I would've pushed on the river to get another $20 with, a set of queens versus a set of jacks and another set of queens taking out kings. I should've easily made $60+. Probably more like $100. Oh well. Flopping bottom 2 versus aces and getting it all in for a $60 pot and then seeing queen, queen come as the turn and river didn't help any. Oh yea, or flopping 994 with my A9 versus a set of 4s. That was ugly too. Anyway, that was a pretty frustrating night considering what could've been. The PP players are really, really bad though. That was again confirmed.

Last night I played 45 minutes on a HOSE table and one razz table on Stars. That was my first time to play razz (1/2 on both tables) and I ended up making $28. I made $7 on the HOSE table. I saw some crazy things on the razz table including 10 high winning a $30 pot. Hilarious.

Omaha and Stud are great games to play to break the hold 'em trance most of us have been under. I've played just enough Omaha the past 3 years to be ahead of the average HOSE player. Stud is another story. I don't really know what to do there other than play tight and figure 2 pair is good most of the time. Whatever.

Up to $530.19 online now.


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