Monday, August 21, 2006

Another weekend

$32.98 to the good.

Lost 45 cents on Bodog Sunday morning watching a guy lose 5 buy-ins at a $25 6 max table. Everybody had over $50 except for me and Mr. Donkey. I just couldn't catch anything decent against him and when I did he folded instead of his insta-allin move he was so in love with.

Lost $25 on Stars playing tons of 18 person turbo sngs Friday night when I should've been sleeping. Playing 2 NL tourneys and 2 Horse tourneys (all turbo) at the same time is not advised. I guess. I got $10 of it back the next day winning a 18 person NL turbo sng. Most weak-tight players I've ever seen at that level. I play these things just to pass the time in the background while doing other things so I play pretty tight. I sat out and didn't really play a hand until we were down to 12. I then played like 6 straight hands and more than doubled up to 3500 in time to sit at the final table. I knocked out like 5 players and steamrolled to the title baby. Cause that's how I roll. Whatever.

Had another winning session - actually two - on PP's $25 NL tables. Would've had $34 more but I hit an ace hi flush on the turn against someone's top set (kings). When the board paired on the river and smelled something rotten and checked behind. Sometimes I'm a genius like that. Or weaktight. Whatever. I was actually pretty proud of that play.

The players are bad but especially so on the weekend. They really play any 2 cards and play them badly. I flopped another ace hi flush yesterday and built a huge pot against a set of 8s. I don't know what he thought I had but I was certain he had the 2nd nut flush. Moron. Sometimes sets don't win on a board filled with 3 hearts - especially when the other guy reraises you 4 times. I had to throw away 2 flopped sets on very scary boards. I really didn't even have to think that hard. I did throw away the nut straight once when 2 guys went crazy before me. I was certain one of them had the flush. Nope, one was on the ace hi flush draw on the turn and the other had 2 pair. The 4th flush card missed the river. Whoops.

$487.55 online now. Nice boost from the $50 I had in May.


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