Thursday, August 10, 2006



Finally didn't do anything stupid in a session at PP and ground up $54.40 in about an hour on 2 .10/.25 NL 6 max tables. The players were incredibly weak tight for playing 4 and 5 handed.

Another aces over kings all-in preflop accounted for $28 of that. My time is coming soon I'm sure. I really haven't been hurt that bad by the kings cooler - maybe because I usually don't mind seeing a flop with them. I don't know. Probably just good variance that will go bad soon.

Up to $309.92 online now. Nice to get over that hump.

I think PP is about to give me another $30 for getting 100 points in 10 days in August. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Now I'm dreaming about getting back in the black for the year.... Only about $350 to go or so. I need to check on that.


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