Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pub Poker Night with a little online micro action

Busted in the first session with this hand:

Big hand was 66 all in big chip stack called off 1/3 of his stack with 109 OFFSUIT saying 'I’m tired of people going all in'. 10 on flop & I was done another bad poker player gets chips. Good play bad result. He almost called my all-in semi-steal a couple of hands before when I held KQ. Blinds were 100/200 and I had 1800 when I went out.

2nd session I took 3rd out of about 55 or so entries.

Pushed much more tonight preflop with a decent PP or AK when facing 2 or 3 limpers. Double up or go home philosophy with the aggressive blind structure. Big hand was KK after short stack (Kjo) went in for last 500 (blinds 100/200) with one loose caller. On the SB I had 2500 and pushed thinking loose big stack might call and he did with AK. Got me up to 6000 or so and cruised from there to final table and knocked out one player on 2nd hand with KQo he called with Q9s. Up to 9000 (blinds 1000/2000) and then 2 hands later went out in SB with K3s vs. Q10o when 10 hit on flop.

Had a blast.

After I busted the 1st session while waiting for the 2nd session to start I played a Titan $500 freeroll and went out in 61st out of 89 when I hit a jack on the flop with J5. Went all in on turn but bigger stack had a straight flush draw and called and hit it on the river to beat me.

Made .75 playing 4 tables of .02/.04 while playing the freeroll so it was a successful night. :)


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