Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Speed tourney on PP and one of those nights on 2/4


2 sessions of 2/4 after this crap:
I learned that speed MTTs on PP are -EV lol. Blinds go up about every 4 or 5 hands (3 minutes) if people are playing slowly. Amazing. AK lost to KK and I was out in 6 hands or so. Whoops.

3 1/2 hours of 3 2/4 bad beat tables. Down $250+ most of the session with a low of around $320. It was amazing. I kept my cool the best I ever have though. Maybe I've turned a corner. Set over set, 2 pair vs sets, 2 pair versus flopped straight or flush whatever - it happened. And it happened a LOT. Sometimes on all three tables at once where high pocket pairs got taken out on the river.

AA 12 times certainly helped my cause. I think that's the most I've ever gotten it in one sitting. 9-3 with it taking the blinds once. My QQ versus KK on AAKQ board. Nice huh? Stuff like that again and again and again and again. Feels great to fight through it all though and at least come up even for the night on 2/4.

$4,154.27 bankroll. Down $76.23 on the week. No biggee. Feel very fortunate to have pulled myself out of the dive tonight. I've heard a good way to overcome bad beats is to just continue to play as long as the game is still good and you can keep your cool and play your A game. I think I did an excellent job of that. Ironically, my comeback wasn't aided by many monster pots as most of those left about 2 hours into my session (One of the really frustrating things about those river beats - they were monster pots for the most part and I wasn't getting my share of them, not by a long shot). I just chopped away and won the occasional $40 pot later on in the night. In my experience the tables tend to tighten up after 11pm central on week nights . They were crazy loose there from 9:30 central till 11 or so. I'm sure I'll kill it this week if I continue to plug away. I certainly need to tighten up though.

I'm calling too much with hands like K10o in early position. I need to get my VP$IP under 20%. It's at 29 right now and I'm sure that's part of my problem.


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