Saturday, December 03, 2005

No poker last night

but + $92.77 today.

Won a $5.25 9 person sit-n-go. Hadn't played one of those on Stars in forever. Won a 4 person $5.25 Heads up shootout and 5 heads up matches. My heads up record since winning the $215 tournament dollars is now 19-12. 61% win percentage. Not too great but mission accomplished. I converted the $215 tournament dollars into $195 via heads up and tacked on another $23.50 from the 9 person sit-n-go. Still have $39.25 in tourney dollars left. I'll probably play an 18 person $11 with that and maybe a 180 person $22 sit-n-go Monday. We'll see.

Cashed out $1,000 and will deposit that into my savings account and await the next PokerStars reload bonus. I'll hit Party Poker 6 max cash games next week and hit the 2/4 bad beat full ring tables when the jackpot gets over $200,000.

Roll now at $4,225.05


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