Thursday, December 01, 2005

More heads up and a PP sit n go

1-1 $5.25 heads up and $11 10 person sng on Party for -$1 hit to the bankroll so far today (used tourney dollars for heads up matches).

Didn't have as much time as I thought I did for the sit n go and donked off my chips with Q4 sooted.

Oh well.
________________Update 9:30pm

Played a bunch of heads up and got more and more frustrated getting sucked out on. Oh well.

Won 7 and lost 5. Terrible, terrible record. I expected to win 2/3 of these. Oh yea, also played 2 5.25 sit n gos and didn't place. I suck.

PS up to $907 though 12-9 in heads up and 0-2 in sit n gos since getting the $215 tourney dollars. Getting closer to cashing out. Going to play some Pub Poker now.


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