Monday, November 28, 2005

6 Max Hell

was where I spent 3 hours tonight. Ugh. Fought back again but wow, great practice in tilt control lol. Again and again I was putting in 4 and 5 bets with the best hand only to have a miracle hit for the lucky bingo players. Thaaaaaat's poker but it sure isn't any fun when it's like that. I was certainly overdue for a night like this. It's been awhile.

3 1/2 6 max trying to clear bonus. 705p 1035p Unbelievably consistent bad beats (broken record) put me down 150 or 160 for 2+ hours and I was fighting tilt for at least 1/2 that time. The cards finally turned but I lost a good $300 on the river (usually large pots) and probably another $100 on tilt calling down with 3rd pair, ace hi etc.

$3903.78 and $-38.25 on the week. The PS $120 bonus will be cleared byThursday for sure. Very close.


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