Friday, December 02, 2005

Pub Poker

Got there at about 9:45pm for the second session. An amazing number of people were signed up. We ended up having 90+ for the tourney. 3rd or 4th hand I got J10o in middle position folds to me (weird) so I raise it 3 or 4x the blind and I get one caller. Flop comes A 9 3, he looks at it carefully, looks back at his cards like he might have a 9, not sure and checks. (This was one of the 2 guys at our table that had never played tournament poker (even free lol) before. They didn't know what the blinds were, etc.) So I bet out a little less than the pot and he quickly mucked.

The blinds went from 10/20 to 25/50 in 8 hands. Yes, 8 hands. I'm still trying to figure out how to play this style but I'm thinking next time I'm gonna limp a little more late with whatever and try to gamble it up. That or play extremely tight/aggressive. Anyway, KJs for a raise with 2 limpers and flop comes K23. I bet out 300 chips (started with 1300) and get 2 callers, maybe even 3 I forget. I had position so they check to me on the turn K23(4) and I check behind them not too sure if my jack is good. The river is the beautiful 5 and I knew I was beat by the guy across from me before he reached for chips so I quickly threw it away as he bet out the pot (or so).

(EDIT - actually I remember now that he overbet the pot now but either way it would've put me all in. Also, my brother overheard them talking later and it turns out he had QQ. Now I feel REALLY stupid for not betting the turn with the rest of my chips. That was a good situation for double/triple up or go home. I suck.)

That left me with about 400 chips as the blinds went up yet again to 100/200 (and only 5 minutes or so from 200/400). I look down to see AJo with 2 limpers in front of me. That's 700 in the pot so I pushed my remained chips in and they both quickly called. Flop KKQ and I figured a 10 was my only hope. AQ took it down and I was out after 1 hour and 15 minutes. Had a great time.

Watched my brother play a couple of hands (he was at the same table) and then went home. Checked my phone this morning and he ended up taking the whole thing down. Not bad for his 3rd live tourney - even if most of these people don't exactly have mad skillz. :)

Bankroll $4,132.28 +$190.25 on the week so far.


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