Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The biggest .01/.02 NL pot I've ever seen

Sunday night waiting on my wife to watch tv with me I decided to play a little micro limit NL on PokerStars. I had $5 or so on there so I sat down at 2 .01/.02 NL tables. I immediately notice a maniac going all in almost every hand so I loaded the rest of my $ on to that table ($3.55 woo-hoo lol) and decided to wait for an ace. AQ did the trick and I doubled up on the river as a beautiful queen beat his 97 that had flopped a pair. Within 5 minutes I was up to $13, another player had $14 and our maniac had reloaded 4 times. He said he was a 30/60 limit player down from the nether regions to walk among the common folk.

He pushed again with his $5 and I had a decision to make with KJs. The stack to my left was slightly bigger but then again this was micro limits and I was just having fun anyway so I pushed all-in. The bigger stack pushed as well and I was sure I was behind. His AQo unimproved beat my KJs unimproved and our maniac friend hit a 3 on the flop and river to triple up with J3o lol. I was done but decided to watch the next hand. Our maniac pushes (of course) called by the huge stack and we have our $28.50 pot. Ace hi took it down but I now forget the details of the hand. Oh well.

Monday night I played .5/1 limit on Party for about 90 minutes and really stunk it up. -$49.74 playing 3 tables of 6 max.

Bankroll now $4,177.06. I'm gonna try to play some 2/4 full ring on the badbeat tables tonight.


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