Tuesday, November 29, 2005

PokerStars bonus cleared

Transferred $600 out of Party Poker to prepare for the next bonus. Still leaves me with almost $600 to play 2/4 bad beat tables when the jackpot gets over 250k or so. I'll work on getting my PokerStars account over $1,000 with either .5/1 or 1/2 6 max, we'll see. I like cashing out over $1,000 since they FedEx the check at no charge when you cash out $1,000 or more.

30 person sit n go (PartyPoker) limit out in 29th. Couldn't drag a pot to save my life. Oh well.

45 minutes 3 table 6 max .5/1 to clear bonus. Had it almost to 50 before dropping back to 20 then up to 31. Nothing too fancy or exciting - just good cards from the start. Getting better at taking pots away by raising the turn with overcards or weak draws.

PS Bonus

Bankroll $4,044.28 up $102.25 on the young week thanks to the bonus.

Here's what I've done monthly:

April $650.04
May $711.58
June $459.81
July $233.10
Aug $624.85
Sept $0.00
Oct $75.34
Nov $786.81


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