Sunday, December 04, 2005

.05/.10 limit and pub poker

Won a heads up match late yesterday +10.00 then lost ($4.55) at 5 .05/.10 limit tables it's nice when you run bad at the lower limits. Maybe worked some of those bad beats out.

This afternoon played some more pub poker and went out after 45 minutes. Big hand was 810s from mid position limping in 50/100 blinds. Had 1600 chips (started with 1100). 4 of us to the flop of 8 5 4 rainbow. check, check I bet out 300 with 1 call. K on the turn big stack checked to me and I considered checking but remembering my last big bluffed out pot I bet 400 and he immediately raised to 800. Probably should have folded as I only had 800 left I thought about it but called. 7 on river he puts me all in for last 400 chips and I reluctantly fold.

He showed 2 pair with K7o. Nice. I guess he called with nothing because of the gutshot and big stack? Not sure. Oh well. 99 next hand raised to 250 in front of me so I go all in. 2 callers & turned flush puts me out.

Not a lot of play in these things. It makes me think I should've massively overbet the pot on the flop. I don't know.

+$288.47 on the week. Bankroll $4,230.50.


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