Saturday, December 10, 2005

A little 2/4

Oh, and the Titan $1000 freeroll for this week's depositors. I desposited $50 in Titan this week to get a free 500 chip chipset from 571 people registered for the freeroll but I think only about 300 actually played. I logged on to play a some cash games and was suprised to see it whisk me to my table in the freeroll. I was down to 1320 in chips (from 1500) and quickly dropped that down to 600 before tripling up. Built that all the way up to 17k before going card/flop dead late and going out in 41st or so with A10 in late position to the bigstack's A8 (she was one to my right and was on a blind steal. Had over 50k in chips for the tourney lead). I was down to 4700 and blinds were at 500/1000 to it was time to boogey. She raised it to 4000 and I went allin and an 8 on the flop ended my night. Top 30 paid. Oh well.

After that loaded up some 2/4 bad beat tables and wondered if my recent downswing would turn around. It did, but not before rearing it's ugly head again near the end of the session.

9:00 to 9:45pm

3 tabled 2/4 BB. Played well but just went flop dead the last 20 minutes and gave back $40 in winnings (also rivered twice or would've gotten that back). Poker. A little loose on calls of bets from tight players. Need to fix that as that probably cost me at least $20. When a 13% VP$IP is raising and betting at you LAY IT DOWN unless you have an excellent hand or at least a killer draw. Duh.

Bankroll $4,089.27 for the week I'm down $141.23 now. Thinking I may enter a 180 person $22 sit n go on Stars to use some of my $39 in tournament money left over from winning the FPP $215 last week. I don't know. Need to find a block of time. I think those go a good 4 hours+ if you happen to get lucky enough to make the final table.


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