Sunday, December 11, 2005

Casino on Net

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Blah blah blah.

I built mine up to $16 playing blackjack and then sat down at the Roulette wheel last night. Minimum bet $1 so I start betting the 25-36 bar. If I didn't hit I doubled it and so on. I won a few times and started putting out bets on individual numbers. Hit a couple of those and then put more on the 25-36 line and hit one with a $50 bet. Won my only red/black bet when I put $25 on black after red had hit 5 straight times. I got it up to $199 before losing it back down to $105 when it missed my 1/3 of the board 8 straight spins. Said 'what the hell' and put $100 on the 25-36 line (had been betting that with $25 chips the previous 2 rolls) only to see it miss by 1 spot. Put my last $5 on the same spot and of course it hits to get me back to $15. I never did check the cashout policy so I'm not sure that $199 was actually mine or not. I suspect it was if I chose to cashout. Whoops. That's why I play poker I guess.


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