Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wow it's been some time since my last update

Let's see.....

Party Poker stopped accepting US players since I last updated. I cashed out $150 from PP and used my last $55 or $90 I forget to enter a 45 person sng.

Must have been around $55 since I think 1st paid around $720. I had the chiplead with 12 left but an M of like 4 or something stupid and I went out in 10th or so. Oh well.

BoDog was at around $54 or so and I decided to bet a couple of football games with the goal of having a decent sized Super Bowl wager. Didn't workout. Sports betting. Duh.

My PokerStars account dwindled to around $20 at the beginning of this year and I deposited $50 mainly to see if I still could. It worked fine. I've increased that to around $450 now by cashing twice in the $22 deep stacks MTT and winning a 1500 FPP 9 person satellite for $215. I think I've played in 4 of those and won twice. Wow. Talk about soft.

I have finished 14th and 17th in the deep stacks in the 3 times I've played - all being in the past 5 weeks. My 17th was horrible because I was 3rd in chips with 20 left. I think first paid in the $2,400 range. 17th was around $108 or so. After playing for 8 hours at 1:15a I made a horrendous play versus one of the 2 chipstacks at my table that could hurt me (of course the top 3 were at the same table thank you pokerstars). I took a week off but I think I'm ready to try again tomorrow night. Patience, patience. Last time I twice folded 33 straight hands. Crazy.

I also started a $1.20 sng experiment. Started with $12 in this separate 'bankroll' and will stay at this level exclusively playing sngs until I hit $100. Then I'll branch out to $5 18 & 9 persons and $3 45 persons. Assuming I get there, of course.

3/28/2007$0.60 4th
3/28/2007$6.00 1st
3/31/2007$4.20 2nd
4/2/2007$4.20 2nd

So I'm up a total of $5.20 to $17.20. Woo-hoo.

Oh yea, I've also had success playing NL cash at the $10 max 6-max tables. Hadn't played NL cash in a few months and I wanted to start slow. It sure is fun playing bad micro-limit players. I wish it paid better.

PokerStars $455.49

Oh yea, one more thing. It sure is nice to play at a level that agrees with me emotionally. I remember all of those nights playing 2/4 limit on party poker. The horrible suckouts and how worked up I would get. That can't be healthy. I like to think that I've learned something in the meantime and I'll handle things better if/when I ever work it back up.


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