Tuesday, August 29, 2006

$3 Horse lesson


Got a little tilty in my Horse session Saturday and that's a very, very bad idea in games that involve so many cards. You need to play TIGHT in those games. So after 4 hours I quit down $90. Ouch. Not a good feeling when my bankroll at Stars read $160. Later that night I logged back on and played another 4 hour session. I played correctly, didn't get those horrible bad beats at the wrong time and made $87 back and felt like a king.

Whew. Lesson learned. I hope.

BTW - 8.75 hours of poker Saturday. Wow, that's a ton for me. Got to sleep at 4am and then up at 8:45. Beautiful.

So last night I put those 8 hours to good use and played a 2.5 hour session of 1/2 Horse and 1/2 HOSE (Sometimes I accidentally sit down at a HOSE table because I'm not very smart). Made $81. Blew $8.80 on a Horse turbo satellite MTT and another $3.50 on two turbo sngs for the hell of it.

I felt great about my play and certainly the play of my opponents. Could've been better but I got rivered on some scoops. I'm not complaining. Mixed games are a lot of fun - especially when you're making money. It's been a nice break from the NL tables at Party.

So I'm up about $150 at the Horse cash tables since starting last week. Hopefully I have a real advantage there for now as the Stars players learn the h/l games.

My little bankroll is growing.

ps $320.29
pp $262.93
bodog $53.99
A little trip down memory lane.

I was looking back through my spreadsheet at the crazy year I've had so far and it got me to looking at my best and worst days since keeping details of my play. Here's the top 3 and bottom 3:

2/4 BadBeat horror show for 7 hours

45 minutes 2 2/4 and 1 5/10. WOW!
3 hours 3/6 and 2 5/10 tables. Horrible luck continues. Oh well. Time for an extended break.

sigh. 6 hours. 2 hours 8 tabling .5/1 down $87 so I went to the 2/4 6 max. Huge mistake as I dropped another $350 there in 3.5 hours then I went to 3 $100 NL tables. I did great up about $160 when I got sucked out on in a $350 pot. If my 11 to 1 odds had held up for the river I would've quit down $100 for the night and been quite happy.

Tues 805p 835p 3 $2/4 bb caught a straight on turn with 44 after flopping OE. Table went crazy reraising won 76.5 net.

3 hours of 3 2/4 BB tables

3 2/4 BB 2 1/2 hours. Beautiful night of poker. No complaints here.

Wow, that's kinda interesting. My three best days are for a total of $737. My three worst days blow them away at $1,617. Ouch. Maybe I'm due for a monster $1000 day ala DNAPoker from FCP. Or a big MTT win. (I need to play in one first.)


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