Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday update

Not much happening.

I haven't played in the deepstacks in a couple of weeks. The last one I played I went out in like 175th or so. Got short by getting badbeat in a 12k pot with AK to KQ on a K hi flop and he spiked the queen on the river.

I decided to move up my cash games to $25 6 max. Duh. My bankroll is still over $400 so it should be no problem. I'll move back down if I get under $250. Last night I 3 tabled and immediately got stacked 3 times. Oops. flush over flush, top 2 to a set, and straight with 77 to a dudes 97 higher stragith that I never would've guessed. I settled down after that and got back to even and quit. Played for a little over 3 hours.

I have a goal to get over $1,000 before my Vegas trip the first weekend of June. Playing $25 NL certainly makes it possible but I'll have to run good since I'll probably only have 10 sessions at most. 30 hours. Hmmm. It could happen. $60 a session. Yea. Possible but not probable. I'll have to move up to the $50 tables once I get to $750 probably. We'll see. Gotta have a winning session at $25 first.

I see a ton of flops at 6 max. The players are just so passive for the most part. I raise in late position pretty much every orbit and let it go if I get played back at unless I have a big hand or draw (of course). I also call a lot of raises in late position and try to take pots away no matter the cards. It usually works out because people see me as a bit of a crazy player and don't understand when I push in big pots I have a huge hand. It certainly works at the 6 max $10 tables. We'll see how it goes a step up.


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