Tuesday, July 11, 2006

4 Hours Monday Night


Played 3 cash tables of .05/.10 NL. I was the hardest working man on the tables constantly stealing and restealing & staying off of tilt when the bad beats would strike.

Worked myself up almost $40. Doesn't sound like a lot but that's 4 freaking buy-ins. Worked it back down to $18 up getting in some unlucky situations and making some bad calls on the river. My flopped king hi flush getting beat on the river by a straight flush is one that comes to mind. :) Ah, my kings getting cracked by a set of queens on the turn was one I really, really should have been able to get away from since an ace flopped and I really didn't put this solid player on an ace from the post flop action. His betting screamed 'I have queens!' but I stubbornly called down. Stupid.

Last hand of the night it's raised .40 to me (one caller) and I have QQ. I reraise to $2 and the original raiser goes all-in for $11. I have him covered so I call. He has AK. Ace on river and I lose another $23 pot. Oh well.

So I made $7.10 instead of the $30 or so I was up most of the night. Sometimes poker sucks. I can't complain though. I probably cracked aces 2 or 3 times last night.

I feel like I'm learning some NL cash lessons very cheaply. So much of it is position, position, position and being able to fold after some money is in the pot when your opponent is doing something that tells you he has a big hand.

Hey - one oddity last night that I've never seen before was me having QQ on all three tables at the same time. Crazy. They all took down their pots too.

So the little bankroll is up to $237.04 instead of the $269 it was at one point (right after the QQ X 3 episode).

I also played in the 150 FPP rebuy event. They were giving away one $370 seat for every 23,000 in FPP points collected. I was all in preflop on the last hand before the rebuy period was over with AJh. 2 callers. Flop AcJcx. I am set to triple up. Not the 10k I like to have but 5k will do nicely. Turn is the 10 of clubs and the river the lovely king of clubs. Yes, QQ rivers a royal flush to take me out. Oh and then my brother played in the 700 FPP MTT that had 192 entrants. Top 5 got the $370 seat. He painfully bubbled after being 4th of the 6 left.

Forgot to play in a $4.40 180 person sng after the rebuy.


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