Wednesday, July 12, 2006

4 1/2 hours tonight

Didn't plan on it but sometimes poker just happens. Even micro limits.

Played an hour of .02/.05 because I play those limits when I only plan on playing 10 or 15 minutes. Got stuck $25. Awesome. Played too loose and just made terrible decisions. Didn't fold nearly enough.

Moved up to 3 .05/.10 NL tables and started a 180 person $4.40. Got my chipstack up to top 7 with about 80 people left and kept it there and in the top 4 until taking a sick beat with 16 left or so. A10 on a J103 board I pushed had the one caller covered and he called with A10 of clubs. Club on the turn and club on the river gave him the flush and left me with 2300 in chips. I fought back to 10k but went out with 6k on the button with 73 sooted. Pushed and was called by QQ and KJ or something. KJ hand took us both out so if I had folded there I have a very good shot at making the final table. Never know though as I was well into push mode. Oh well. Sick beats happen. Out in 11th for another $8.69 or whatever it is. I played well and accumulated lots of chips on blind steals in late position. Those $4.40s are still a lot of fun for me and my short bankroll.

Anyway, played well and learned some more both in the tourney and cash games. I lost a $53 pot (yes this was .05/.10) with QQ versus KK. I really, really should've folded preflop as the raising and reraising screamed that he had KK or AA. I called because he had earlier played A9o the same way and doubled me up. I now know I can fold QQ preflop. I think. :)

Lost a $23 pot on some bullcrap. Wow, I forgot what it was now. I guess it was the AA versus QQ hand. Got it all in preflop and she hit her queen on the flop. Sigh.

Anyway, I played well and now sit at $271.03. I guess I made $34 or so tonight. I'll take it. I am ready to get me a top 3 in one of these $4.40s. The players are soooo bad.

Ah the hand of the night was 45 off on the big blind. Raise and a call so I call. Flop OESD and get it on the turn but that also brought the 4th flush card and slowed down the action. I busted two AA holdings with that one. That's a first for me.

I probably won't play again for a couple of days. Time for a little break and I need to catch up on my sleep.


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