Thursday, July 13, 2006

heads up sngs

whoops. Guess I shouldn't have done that. Played in 3 $5 heads up sngs. Historically I win about 65% of those but this morning I was 0-3. To show you what tilt I was on the last one I sat down in against a guy named I KNOCK U OUT or something like that with Mike Tyson as his avatar. Sure enough 1st hand I get AKo raise to 60 he reraises to 160 so I push. He thinks and calls with QJo. J on flop and gg me. Then played in a $10 heads up and lost again. Couldn't win a 60/40 this morning at all. One 9 person sng added to that had me down $31.75 and on tilt for the day.

Luckily I had to work and only just played again for about an hour and made $8.90 back on 3 .05/.10 NL cash tables. I got freaking stacked twice on the same table by the same guy. First time was a bad move against 2 pair when I had a gutshot and nut flush draw on flop. 2nd time I had top two pair against his set.

So, it could've been much better. Back to $248.18. I guess I learned I shouldn't be playing heads up sngs. I've made a good amount off of the $5 and $10 level but right now I should stick to my .05/.10 $4.40 180 grind it out plan.


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