Thursday, July 20, 2006

I play bad

when on tilt. 6 hour session two nights ago. Ugh. Got down $26 1st 30 minutes and took a break. Came back and got down $40. Bad beats galore (felt a lot like limit) no tilt yet. Worked it back up to only down $2 as the tables got a little crazy towards 10:30pm central time. People start pushing their shortish stacks preflop with crapola. It's kinda strange but then again short stacks at .05/.10 are only $3 or $4.

Went on another massive downswing to minus $50. Worked it back up to $1 down. Should have quit then at around 1am. Seriously. Quit at 2:30am after donking/tilting off a good $20. So stupid.

I played well overall. Very well. Just had some bad, bad luck (2 outers on the river were the theme of the night) and then went tiltish in my exhausted state at the end. I should never play for more than 4 hours straight. I know that. Oh well.

I really thought I was down over $50 when I went to bed but checked it the next day and was pleasantly surprised that the damage was only $36. It made me feel good and then bad that I could've snuck out with only a $15 hit if I had kept my head at the end.

Took Wednesday off like a good micro limit soldier and then played some heads up sngs this morning. I played a bunch of them last year. I just went back and looked at my stats. I was 45-19 over a 2 month stretch. I went 0-4 last week and swore them off and then this morning I went 0-2 and was cussing myself. Played in a $10 one to catch up and then opened up a $5 one at the same time since the $10 was playing very, very slowly and disconnecting.

I really think the players have gotten better. Of the 8 I've played in the last 2 weeks I'd say only 2 of them were horrible. Last year 7 of 8 would have been truly horrible. I know I'm not playing very well also. Too agressive still. Anyway, I won the last 2 (winning the last one after being down to 350 chips vs 2650) and ended up $3.75 to turn the tide. Even a tiny profit means a lot when you're running/playing badly.

So the account is at $246.28 or down $32.10 since the last update. It's not looking like I'll be hitting my goal of $150 up in July afterall. Maybe I'll get lucky in a $4.40 or kill the cash games a couple of times next week. We'll see.

Vacation starts July 30th. Can't wait.


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