Monday, July 10, 2006

4 hours Saturday

$4.40 180 person tournies on Stars.

They're probably my best bet to make my $350 goal this month while protecting my fragile $230 bankroll. I've played 6 of these now and cashed in 2, blowing up in two late for 23rd & 22nd and getting taken out by an 8 outer early one and some non-descript hand in 90thish in the other.

Played 2 Saturday and went out in 90 something in the first one (don't remember how) and then 13th in the 2nd one. I had an unexplainable blowup in the 2nd one. My wife had called 15 minutes before saying it was time to come home so I guess that was it. How else to explain calling an all-in with 63 sooted (10k chips)? I dunno. I was SB and BB pushed with 1010. GG me. Or not. 2 1/2 hours of good play followed by the donkiest of donkey moves just outside of the "real" (stifles laugh) money. I guess my subconcious wanted me to stay out of trouble with the wifey. I dunno. Probably the dumbest play I've ever seen let alone been in control of. I wish I could say it was a misclick since that's what it looked like I'm sure. I could have let my brother take over and just gone home. That would've been the smarter choice. Oh well.

I made like 81 cents Saturday with 4 hours of 2 .05/.10 NL tables and 2 $4.40 tournies. Crazy. I got down $25 early and had to fight back. This time I wasn't on tilt at all and just patiently worked my way back up while recovering from several unlucky situations and the usual badbeats. When I finally got my stacks up to $24 and $27 on the 2 cash tables it was time to go. I find that I make a ton more money when I can double my buy-in. I haven't checked to see if the all-in bug still works. I know on Stars you used to be able to rebuy for the max while pushed all-in in the middle of a hand and have that amount added to your stack no matter the outcome of the hand.

Current Bankroll on Stars: $229.94

I should be able to play another 3 hours or so tonight.


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