Monday, July 03, 2006

Strange 5 hour night

This is a story of drunken tilt. Or not.

Friday night I came home from a party a little after midnight. Wife had already gotten home and put the kids to bed and gone to sleep herself. I decided to fire up PokerStars and 3 table a little .05/.10 NL. Within 30 minutes I had suffered TWO (2) set over set disasters. Ah, lucky for me buy-ins are only $10 but everything is relative and my rage matched the indignation thrust upon me. I vowed to not sleep until I at least got back to even. Playing my usual laggy 6 man style ( in between pee breaks off the back stoop) I eventually fought back from $35 down or so. No small feat at .05/.10.

So, to quote Seinfeld, ya-da ya-da ya-da I went to bed at 5:45am down $8. Niiiice. I got up at 8am to open up the office and went back to sleep for 30 minutes before helping my brother move for 3 hours. A lovely day.

Didn't play again until last night when I played a $1.75 45 person speed sng and a $5.50 45 person regular sng along with a 27 person $5.50. Busted in the 1st 2 (I forget particulars) and then got down to 500 chips in the 27 person early when my 54 diamonds (I raised in early position to 'mix it up' *rolls eyes*) flopped the flush against the nut flush. Niiice. Was called various names a little later when I played K2 sooted from early position and caught a 2 on the flop and king on the river to beat AQ (paired on turn). I then totally changed gears and tightened waaay up. Built chipstack nicely until I became chipleader with 7 or 8 left. Got heads with the lead and 3 hands in got 1010 and got all the chips in the middle versus 99. 9 on the turn and I was down to 4k versus 35k or so and couldn't recover. It really didn't bother me at all since I felt lucky to have survived for so long on a shortstack early. Oh yea, at one point I was down to 280 chips. I really played well and it felt good - even if it was only for a $36 prize.

Stars cash up to $200.77 now. Shooting for $350 at the end of July playing .05/.10 NL 6-max. Reached my June goal of $200 (from a low of $40 or so in May) a couple of days late.

Still playing a ton of par 3 golf since I'm all paid up through October. The local country club course is shutdown till then so I'll probably play full size courses only sparingly. Played 4 (FOUR!) rounds Sunday since conditions were ripe for a low score. I birdied 1 and then had 16 straight pars and it looked like I was finally gonna get below +1. Well I shanked my tee shot and then rolled my chip over the green and ended up with a 6 for a +2 score. Golf tilt is every bit as bad as poker tilt. I played one more round and got a +1 making a long par putt at the end to quit on a positive note.

Counting up now.... I've played over 40 times since May 1st. Wow.


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