Monday, June 26, 2006

$50 night

Woo-hoo. You may laugh but the last time I had a bigger night was May 8th during my aborted PL Omaha days.

30 minutes 4 .05/.10 NL tables

2 .05/.10 NL tables 2 hours

1 $4.40 180 person sng. Ouch. Out in 23rd. Couldn't win 2 huge hands with AK versus 1010 and AJ versus 44. went from 6th with 32 left to out 9 players later. Played well but couldn't win a race late. The best part about the tourney was the 2 cash tables I was playing at the same time. People get even more stupid (apparently) against a big stack in cash games - at least at .05/.10. I don't understand it. Once I got my stack to $25 it just took off on it's own. People were trying to bully me around. It didn't work. At one time I was up $44 on one table and $18 on the other. Crazy.


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