Wednesday, April 19, 2006


2 $50 NL tables 1 hour 30 minutes
1 $50 NL table sucked out on in 2 huge pots 45 minutes
1 $50 NL table 45 minutes
3 $50 NL 2 hours. Holy crap. Down over $100 almost the whole session. Another horrible suckout on the river (4 outer beat my turned flush - all the money went in on the turn) cost me a $122 pot and then I certainly tilted away more money than I should have but won a $110 pot with flopped 2 pair when a flush draw and top pair (queen kicker lol) called my allin raise.
3 $50 NL 1 hour 15 minutes. Bad luck but I survived to only lose a little bit. Won 1 big pot for $77 to make out with a small losing session.
4 .5/1 6 max to clear $100 bonus. 60% of the way there after 3.5 hours. I stink at 6 max.
5 .5/1 6 max to clear bonus. Brutal. 4 sets against me when I had top pair or 2 pair in the first 20 minutes. 1st hand I flopped ace hi flush and lost on a rivered fullboat. I HATE 6 max so much when the ridiculous beats just seem to flow. It really gets me in a foul mood. 2.5 hours. Fun fun. Played horribly also for about 45 minutes. If not for that I probably would've only lost $20 or so. I took a 15 minute break (I usually don't and that's a huge mistake) and played much better.
Thank you bonus. Without them I'd be $360 poorer this year. I just can't shake the feeling that I've forgotten how to play. Going back to NL for a change of pace and probably cashing out the $500 I deposited for the bonus.
20 minutes 4 .5/1 6 max just because I know I can play so much better than I have been on these tables. I should be able to kill them.

LOL just added it up since my last update. Down $29. Beautiful.


At 12:43 AM, Blogger Thomas said...

new post please...lazy boy

At 1:43 PM, Blogger Whatever said...

I posted the new updates and then saw this comment. Funny.


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