Tuesday, May 09, 2006

PL Omaha

Wow, it's been awhile. I was waiting to get a good session under my belt before posting I guess. LOL.

Made a strange decision back on 4/21 to jump into the $100 PLO games even though I hadn't played in like 18 months. What a very bad idea. With last night's session I'm only down $170 since that night though. I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.

45 minutes 3 $50 NL tables. Played well for such a short session. Almost did very, very well (100+) but can't complain.
3 $100 PL Omaha Hi tables. What a dumb idea. I've played a lot but it's been over a year since I last sat down for more than 15 minutes. Glad I didn't lose more. Flopped set of jacks versus flopped set of Kings set me back and then various suckouts on draws which is kind of the point of Omaha.
3 $50 tables. Got down over $100 quickly calling with second best flushes, second best fullboats, etc. Couldn't win a hand for 30 minutes which made me think everybody had the nuts from then on. Favorite hand was my 44 flopping 4JJ getting cleaned out by J4. Nice.
3 $25 tables experimenting. These are my people lol. They stink as much as I do - maybe more.
4 $25 PL Omaha Hi tables 1 hour 30 minutes. Yes it is confirmed they suck more than me. Yay! Saw things multiple times on these tables that I never saw once at $100 and $50 levels. Funny. I will stay here for the forseeable future.
3 $25 PLO tables 1 hour 45 minutes.
1 6 person $6 NL sng lol. 1st place woo-hoo! First time to play in one of those and I wanted to see what the blind structure was, etc. Heads up my opponent had aces twice but I prevailed in the end - never really was in doubt. I'm still better than the $6 level sngs so I'll always have that I guess. :)
30 minutes 3 $25 tables PLO tables
this is starting to get painful. 1 hour 3 $25 tables.
1.5 hours 3 $25 omaha tables. Got up $30 early and then lost it all plus a little. I guess I still suck.
30 minutes 4 $25 tables. Flopping top set an betting the pot seems to be my death knell. Oh yea - and forgetting I'm playing omaha when the board is JJ77 and I have Jx is really, really -EV. Tried my first naked ace bluff of $13 and was not successful. Q hi flush called me down. Oh well.
20 minutes 4 $25 PLO tables. Someday soon I will be able to lay down 2nd set. JJJ versus QQQ got me for $25 or this would've been a very good little session.
1.5 hours. *sigh* 4 $25 PLO. I will lose another $71 and then call it quits on the PLO idea. I play too loose and can't lay down 2nd best hand again and again. It's a game of the nuts and if you can't lay down 2nd best repeatedly you're gonna come out a loser I guess.
I play I lose. Isn't Omaha delightful? $270 down since I started about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Another $30 downswing and I think I'll call it a wrap and go back to $50 NL tables. Maybe sngs. Dunno.
Rejoice. 1 hour 15 minutes 3 $25 PLO tables $121.30. Quads 3 times helped win about $70 of that total. Amazingly bad play by my opponents accounted for the rest. I also played 2 $11 50 person NL sngs and finished 13th and 19th.


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