Tuesday, May 09, 2006

a hand from last night's session - Flopping quads

To follow up on my previous post:

$122 in 1 hour 15 minutes on 3 $25 PL tables
Won $50 net turning quads against top set and an ace hi flush draw along with calling down with a lowish flush that was opened ended straight/flush possible. I thought I was a loser to an ace or king hi flush but the dweeb was just bluffing with one pair.

Won another big hand when I bet the pot with AA and an ace hi 4 flush and potted it again when the flush hit on the turn. Another maxium bet on the river got called all the way by the king hi flush. Maybe I confused him by potting with the draw or maybe I'm giving him too much credit. I don't really even have enough experience right now to figure out if he should've laid down the hand. I tend to fold there when the flush hits if my opponent pots it but maybe I'm too tight. I dunno. I figure the players are so bad at the $25 tables that I should be able to lose most of the smallish pots and fold some winners if I can cash in huge on the larger ones. Obviously I have a lot to learn.

From last night: I flop quad kings after 6 see the flop and doofus bets out $1 after I check. I lead the turn for $3 for some reason and he thinks his pocket 10s are good. In a generous mood he even calls down my $6 river bet on nothing but Kings and his pocket 10s. Very strange but I'm not complaining. If I'm gonna survive learning this game I need smaller fish to help me out.

***** Hand History for Game 4220747479 *****
$25 PL Omaha - Monday, May 08, 22:13:44 ET 2006
Table Table 95868 (No DP) (Real Money)
Seat 10 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 4: USA1Sniper ( $2.97 )
Seat 5: Doofus ( $56.23 )
Seat 6: pokermot ( $39.39 )
Seat 7: Kollikock ( $22.20 )
Seat 8: MRBEE7651 ( $20.07 )
Seat 10: KitKau ( $25.60 )
Seat 3: Whatever ( $31 )
Seat 9: hamont111 ( $17.20 )
Seat 2: golfcoach65 ( $14 )
Seat 1: mpcc145 ( $8.80 )
mpcc145 posts small blind [$0.10].
Whatever posts big blind [$0.25].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Whatever [ 2c Kh Kd 7s ]
USA1Sniper calls [$0.25].
Doofus calls [$0.25].
pokermot calls [$0.25].
Kollikock folds.
hamont111 calls [$0.25].
KitKau folds.
mpcc145 raises [$0.90].
Whatever calls [$0.75].
USA1Sniper calls [$0.75].
Doofus calls [$0.75].
pokermot calls [$0.75].
hamont111 calls [$0.75].
** Dealing Flop ** [ Kc, 8d, Ks ]
mpcc145 checks.
Whatever checks.
USA1Sniper checks.
Doofus bets [$1.03].
pokermot folds.
hamont111 folds.
mpcc145 folds.
Whatever calls [$1.03].
USA1Sniper folds.
** Dealing Turn ** [ Js ]
Whatever bets [$3].
Doofus calls [$3].
** Dealing River ** [ 6c ]
Whatever bets [$6].
Doofus calls [$6].
Whatever shows [ 2c, Kh, Kd, 7s ] four of a kind, kings.
Doofus doesn't show [ Th, Td, 8h, Ah ] two pairs, kings and tens.
Whatever wins $24.76 from the main pot with four of a kind, kings.


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