Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blogger Tourney & a couple of .05/.10 sessions

Got off to a great start flopping the nut straight with 74o in the BB and doubling up against 99. In top 20 in chips with 2000 left and got moved and seated right next to another top 15 chipper. So stupid. * sigh* 3 guys at the table and the rest were sitting out and the lower chip stack raising a ton preflop then hit incredible hands. Big 9000 chip hand was him 99 on QJ9 flop me J10. turn J and I'm dead down to 2000 chips. Pushed a couple of times after his constant preflop raising and he finally calls with 1010 versus my A5. Hit 2 pair on flop and he hit river flush.
Oh well. Could've easily been top chips but for some horrible luck and my impatience. Could've easily taken it easy there for awhile but for some reason I was trying to bust the lower chipstack. It's easy to screw around in freerolls but I really was trying to build my chipstack - just way too aggresively and it didn't help running into some bad luck.

Played some more .05/.10 cash along with a $4.40 180 person Tuesday night. In the $4.40 I got it all in on a flop of 10 8 X with A 10 and Mr. Donkey calls off all 1500 chips with J9 OESD. Nice. 7 on the river and I was dead. Lost .10 playing 2 NL tables for an hour so no biggee.

This morning I played 4 .05/.10 NL tables for 30 minutes and made $9 or $10. Made one fairly dumb mistake by calling down on the river after the 3rd flush card came on a 99742 board. I could've pushed on the flop and gotten him off of his flush. Probably - not certain. 1 caller besides me on the river - 1 had the nut flush and the other had K9. I had A9. Lost $5 there. It's nothing in terms of money but that's not the point. The point is making better decisions while learning NL cash and I certainly thought one of the two had the flush.

Funny hand with J10 on Q98 flop versus a guy with Q9. Turn K and river A didn't deter him from calling my $6 reraise on the river (he had bet $1.50 into a $3 pot). To me it seemed like an easy muck for him with that hand but what do I know? :)

Up to $134. I'm mulling over goals at .05/.10 now. $1000 by the end of the year exclusively at .05/.10 NL and $4.40 tourneys? That's what I'm thinking right now. 20 buy-ins is a very safe bankroll for NL and .05/.10 has a buy-in of $10. I dunno it would be hard not to move up once I get to the required $500 level. I always like to be overrolled but $900 at .05/.10 seems a little ridiculous. Then again it would be fun to prove that a person can make $1000 at .05/.10 5 hours a week in 6 months.


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