Friday, June 09, 2006

Tons of golf

And a little poker. Still just playing .05/.10 online about 1 to 2 hours a week or so. Up a few dollars - that's it. Gonna try and build my $80 to $200 on Stars and play in the June 18th blogger tourney. The $10 tables are so very soft. I make money 9 out of 10 times when I sit down but then get bored that 10th time and just play way too fast and lose $15. No excuse.

Played in a pub poker tourney last night for the first time since that dude got shot in the head. I had forgotten what it was like. I certainly need to play more hands early on when the blinds are low. J4o 1st hand in the BB and flop comes 6 4 2 with like 5 limpers. check, check,bet, raise, fold, I fold, call, call. With blinds 10/20 and about 200 in the pot bet 40, call, call. River bet, call, call. 94 beats 54 (pair of 4s with 9 kicker beating 5 kicker) and ace hi. Wow, I had forgotten what it was like lol.

2nd hand on the SB I get aces. 5 limpers and a raise and I reraise to 150 (start with 1100 chips, blinds at 10/20). 3 callers. Oops. 862 with 2 clubs on the flop so I push. They all 3 agonize before eventually folding. My brother shows up and gets aces on his 2nd hand and gets busted when 2 8s come on the flop and he can't fold. Whoops.

Went broke after about an hour and a 1/2 pushing with A8s after getting down to 900 chips and blinds about to go to 200/400. A set of kings on the flop along with a guy holding queens along with KJ hitting her king on the flop had me going home. Nothing quite like finishing in 4th in a 4 man race on your bust out hand. I had a great time anyway and will be playing again.

Live Poker is rigged:

I saw about 50 hands and saw aces twice, quad Kings, quad 2s, kings over queens on my last hand along with a set of 8s. Here's the funniest hand of the night:

AJ versus 23s. A22 flop gets AJ to go allin immediately called by 23. Ace on the turn and a 2 on the river. Rigged.

Oh, back on May 1st I joined a par 3 golf course that's like a mile from my house. Nice greens and a great place to practice chipping. So freaking important to have touch around the greens. Anyway it was $100 for 6 months so you can't beat that. Let's see... I played 17 straight days lol. Got down to +2 a couple of times but can't seem to get it to par. It WILL happen sometime this summer.

I've played big boy golf at the country club about once a week since April and am gradually improving. Bought a nice driver about 3 weeks ago and am finally hitting it decent. I've been a lifetime slicer but a lesson right after I bought it helped me out a lot. I almost drove 2 par 4s yesterday on route to 8 pars. I suck at golf so that was a big deal. Driver/wedge, driver/wedge, driver/9 iron is not a game I'm accustomed to playing lol. My 3 trips to the range this week to work exclusively on my driver have paid off. Alas I hit it out of bounds on like 4 holes so I still stumbled home with a 92 but that's still my best score of the year. Like I said, I suck.

I'm gonna try and get out for 18 more holes this afternoon and hopefully hit the range first for driver work.


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